Relief maps of New Mexico

These are relief maps for the state of New Mexico.  If you attended one of my workshops, you probably received a laminated version of one of these.  Each file is the same thing – just at different resolutions.


SMALL:  small-New-Mexico-relief-map-COLOR  [JPG 2.2MB – 3112 X 3450 pixels]

MEDIUM:  medium-New-Mexico-relief-map-COLOR  [JPG 7.7MB – 6223 X 6900 pixels]

LARGE:  large-New-Mexico-relief-map-COLOR  [Warning – this JPG has a resolution of 12445 by 13800 pixels and a file size of 77MB.  Even high-end computers will struggle to edit and print this.]

Movie of AA lava flow with spatter.

I showed excerpts from this video in my workshops.  This one video has two different things in it.

Spatter cones and fissure eruption up to the first 1:30 of the movie.

After about 1:30, the rest of the movie is of an AA flow.  I showed this portion in the workshop.  Although there is wind noise, you can hear the sound of the glassy boulders as roll down the front of the advancing lava front.


YouTube blocked at your school?  Download the video here:  aa_iceland  [aa flow portion only, MP4, 100MB file]