If you are interested in either teaching or learning about clouds, weather, or geology, this site is a collection of the materials that I have developed for my classes.  If you are a teacher, I have activities that you can download and use in your classroom.  If you are a student, I have lectures about weather and geology.

Update:  Due to the virus, there has been increased interest in my YouTube lectures.  I am working to put up self-study materials here that accompany each lecture.  For now look to the right for links for each lecture.  I will keep posting more as my schedule allows.  All educators have permission to use any of my stuff…I only stamped my annoying logo on everything to prevent someone else from selling or stealing it.

Note:  Most of my pdf files open up in a viewer.  However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the document while in your browser you will see a tiny icon for downloading it.

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