My background is in geology, volcanology, atmospheric science, and electronics.  My MS thesis was on the petrology and volcanology of scoria cone (cinder cone) volcanoes in the southern Cascades.  My PhD dissertation was about water vapor sources of the North American Monsoon (NAMS).  After teaching students aging in range from 5th graders to university graduate students, I’m now working in informal education at a science museum.  From many years of developing materials, I created this website to start sharing my teaching materials with other teachers, parents, students, home-schoolers, or whoever else is interested.

I currently have a lecture series on YouTube from my Blue Planet environmental science class.  The first ~15 lectures or so form an independent weather & climate class.  I am posting materials from those lectures here to help students learn the material.

I also have materials from many of my workshops that I have given for teachers in the past in geology, astronomy, visualization, interactives, etc.

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