Fault maps for USA

Series of layers showing recently active faults across the USA.

Five Google Earth layers from the USGS that show faults across the USA.  Each file traces faults into those that were active at different times.  If you hover over a fault the name of the fault will appear.  If you click on the fault a text box will open with information about that particular fault.  You can load in one layer at a time, or load in multiple layers – the faults are color coded according to age.  These layers seem to tax slower computers though – loading all of them into Google Earth will challenge older computers to keep up.


All are KMZ files for Google Earth

Historic Faults:  Faults_Historic  [within last ~150 years]

Holocene to Late Pleistocene:  Faults_Holocene_LatestPleistocene  [within last 15,000 years to ~150 years ago]

Late Quaternary:  Faults_LateQuaternary  [between 130,000 years and 15,000 years ago]

Mid to Late Quaternary:  Faults_Mid_LateQuaternary  [between 750,000 years and 130,000 years ago]

Early Quaternary:  Faults_Quaternary [between 1,600,000 years and 750,000 years ago]

source:  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/hazards/qfaults/kml.php

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