My background is in geology, volcanology, atmospheric science, and electronics.  After teaching students aging in range from 5th graders to university graduate students, I’ve decided to put my efforts into helping science teachers.  My goal is to provide things you can use with your students – I don’t charge any money for any of my materials because I know teachers are already broke.

If you are in the world of science education, you don’t need me to tell you what we are up against.  Between the flat-earthers and the climate deniers and the creationists we are trying to get our students excited about students with very limited resources.  There is an anti-intellectualism and anti-science sentiment in this country right now and a complete lack of leadership in science education.  While many schools have severely cut back or eliminated science, there are other entities that are writing new science standards and telling teachers that there is only one ‘correct’ way to teach science.  

If we get our students excited about science, the rest will take care of itself.  No matter what the experts tell us, no matter what the administrators tell us, no matter what the standardized test scores tell us, the one thing that we do that really matters in the end is getting our students interested in the natural world.  It is no secret that New Mexico is almost dead last in the country in science education.  This website is my effort to try to help teachers turn things around. 

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